CCIVA Annual Membership

 CCIVA is a leading non-profit organization that carves and hosts  numerous unique programs to serve the community in Central Virginia,  bringing everyone together under one roof to share our culture &  roots.
Membership allows you and your family to take advantage of many unique events we bring to the community!   

 For calendar of events, volunteering opportunities and more please visit official website
Form must be completed and fees must be paid either online or by check in order to sign up for calendar year Jan 1st to Dec 31st 2019.   

2019 Membership Form

Membership Payment

Corporate Sponsorship Advantages

We are welcoming corporate sponsorship which gives your business the opportunity to be advertised through all our official email communications and our official website for a nominal annual cost.  The sponsorship form must be completed. Sign up today by clicking below:   

Corporate Sponsorship form

Corporate Sponsorship Payment